Good Road Collection Pop Up 2023

The Good Road Collection had its first pop-up exhibition/launch on the 7th of May, 2023! I still cannot believe it. I am simply shocked, elated, anxious, excited and hopeful. Of course the success of this event wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the amazing people who showed up and those who helped set the event up. I love and adore you all. This year has been nothing short of a journey and I couldn’t be more proud of myself and for the steps I have taken to move in the direction I feel I was made to move in. If someone had told me even a year ago that I will have an art exhibition in LAGOS and it wouldn’t be just be an exhibition of my paintings but my clothing line that I designed as well, I simply would have laughed and smiled at that crazy person. I am deeply grateful for my family and friends  that continue to uplift, encourage and support me- you all are the reason I have been able to get this far with my art career. 

The Good Road name comes from my Igbo name- Uzoma, but it means much more to me. I have always felt a tug of war within me, a need to step into creating and designing, and this year finally feels like I am finally walking on the right path- on the good road. I pray this encourages anyone who feels they are not in the right place or not on the right track. I hope this serves as an encouragement that you can feel at ease (or at least less troubled) the moment you start doing the thing your soul craves. Just take that step and see where it goes. Allow yourself on the good road. THANK YOU GOD for everything and thank you all for your continuous support, this is just the beginning and I say cheers to the Good Road, and cheers to walking on the right path! God bless, Love Uzoma.

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